Lake Charles joins the entire state in celebrating Mardi Gras.  An extensive list of Krewes and family activities, including some wonderful parades, are enjoyed by thousands.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lake Charles, Louisiana:

How do Lake Charles Schools and all of Southwest Louisiana Schools measure up?

The area has excellent public and private schools. As a former teacher, I have prepared an overview of education along with links to Lake Charles schools, Sulphur Schools, Westlake Schools, Moss Bluff Schools and other helpful information. The overview includes important links to school statistics such as those compiled by the Department of Education.

How far is Lake Charles from Houston and New Orleans?

Lake Charles is approximately 145 miles from Houston and approximately 210 miles from New Orleans.

What is the average home sales price for the entire MLS area?

For the 1736 sales of residential homes sold between Jan.1st and Dec. 31st, 2007, the average priced home for the entire MLS was $157,287 and the median price was $139,650. However, I caution my clients from depending on “average sales prices.” Age, location, condition, and floor plan are a few of the critical items that need to be considered when looking at housing statistics.

What is the average home sales price for the Lake Charles area?

The quick answer is: The average sales price for 2007 for the 957 residential homes sold in the Lake Charles areas described above was $163,508 with a median sales price of $139,900.

What is the population of Lake Charles?

The 2000 census indicated the populaton of the City of Lake Charles as 72,757 with an MSA Population of 184,700.

What is the weather like in Lake Charles?

We are blessed with a generally mild, comfortable climate. Click here for today’s weather as well as a 5 day forecast.